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We can’t say with certainty when was first created, but what we can do is tell you that their online reputation isn’t the greatest. In fact, it is far from good, which contradicts all those nice statements and promises published on the site.
Discovering whether a service is reliable or not is our biggest mission, and checking their reputation is just a small part of our research. If you continue reading, you’ll learn more about Writingessayesast’s services, rates, and paper quality.

Services Provided review

Saying that this list is big would be undermining it. Writingessayeast might have ‘essays’ in their name, but the list includes much more than this. There are also individual services in the form of speeches, business writings such as press releases and business plans, as well as admissions writing that, interestingly, also includes resumes and cover letters.
This is by far the most versatile list in terms of content variety since it includes much more than the traditional academic services most of the competition provides. But, such list is quite unusual for a service that hasn’t been doing this for very long, since doing it right would require an enormous team of experts in various fields and disciplines.

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Prices and Discounts

There’s one thing that we thought about the prices when we first opened them – wow! This company might have the longest list of services there is, but that was the least of the surprises we had when we checked their site. Have you ever come across a company that has a rate of $6 for a page with a two-week deadline? We haven’t, but this one actually does this.
Low rates almost always mean bad news, but such low rates left us speechless. How does a company offer such high expertise (based on their services) for a price that wouldn’t be sufficient to pay the least qualified writers? This was a bad, bad sign, which is why we proceeded by ordering from them.
When we saw that there aren’t discounts customers can use, we were relieved. This is an unusual thing to say, but we couldn’t imagine a company that adds a discount to a rate that is already below $10 for a page.

Customer Service

Charging so little would not allow to pay excellent writers, not to mention pay for agents. And still, they have non-stop support that you can use. You can’t reach them via live chat, which is the common option the competition uses, but you can use a form and wait for a fast reply via e-mail.
Only in our case, the reply was not fast at all. It came five hours later, which can turn any customer away considering that other companies have such options.

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Quality of ordered essays

The quality of the essay was far worse from what we expected. Honestly, we didn’t expect anything much for the ridiculous price we paid for the order, but we definitely did not expect this. What was supposed to be an essay was a copied and pasted document from online articles. Since the writer used different paragraphs from different online sources and only slightly changed them, the essay had over 50% plagiarism when we checked. Moreover, it didn’t look like an academic essay at all, but like a promotional piece of content used to sell online. It was ridiculous, that’s what it was.


Plagiarism is widely frowned upon by everyone in the educational world. That being said, services that don’t write original content are among the first ones eliminated from our recommended list. This company might have the absolute lowest rate we’ve ever seen, but the quality of the essay we received was also the lowest we’ve ever evaluated.