7 Time-Tested Hacks for Writing Your Essay in a Hurry

Writing an essay has never been easy. You need to form a thesis, research sources, choose quotes and then write, supporting your point of view with arguments. Besides hardness, essay paper writing can also be very time consuming, and if your deadlines are burning you might be in a trouble. It is evident, that you always can pass your task to legit paper writing services. But if you don’t have enough money for an urgent paper in your budget it is time for our seven time-tested hacks how to write your essay paper in a hurry.

1. Carefully review what your professor wants

Formatting style, different guidelines and anything else your professor shared with you and your class can help. By reviewing this information you will find out what you are expected to do. It is essential to know your professor’s stance on personal pronouns and other things that may influence your grades.

2. Do brief research on the topic

Search for the sources on your topic. You may use external links from Wikipedia to get the list of sources. Review them carefully and write down information connected with your essay topic.

3. Plan your thesis and paper

Write down your thesis and based on it create a simple plan. It can consist of several main points you would like to cover. Try to think of a closing sentence where you are making a conclusion.

4. Expand your plan

Try to write an introduction and conclusion for each section you have. Remember the first sentence of each logical part of your essay must be connected with the conclusion of the previous one.

5. Write the first draft

After you have planned your paper, you need to expand each passage you have. Add more details from the sources you have reviewed. They can either support or oppose your idea. If they oppose it add your own arguments.

6. Edit your draft

Read it aloud to yourself and correct parts you don’t like. Then ask someone to listen to you and read it aloud again. Ask your reviewer to tell you what he/she don’t like. Remove or change it. Repeat the process again.

7. Proofread your essay

Once you are okay with the contents proofread your paper correcting all spelling and grammar errors.
Voilà! And your essay is ready to go. Hope you will get the highest grade. If you know some cool tips and tricks on how to write an essay extremely fast share them with us!

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