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15% Website | Review
15% Website | Review Review

There are more and more online essay writing services and companies vying for your attention and your custom, and students can almost feel overwhelmed by these many different sites. To help you decide whether or not is worthy of your attention, here’s our in-depth Ultius review.
Ultius is one of the better-known brands in the custom writing world and has a stylish website with a professional feel, but behind the outer shell of this company, a lot of poor quality services, a total lack of support, and a real disregard for customer satisfaction are hiding.

Services Provided review boasts of quite a wide range of custom writing and editing services. The company claims to have professional American writers ready and willing to prepare everything from college essays to research papers and dissertations for its customers.
Ultius also offers editing services, with writers able to scan over documents and texts you’ve already written and make improvements and adjustments accordingly, as well as business document services and an ‘Admissions’ category, which is focused on application essays for schools and colleges.
Ultius proposes a range of writer levels from ‘High School’ up to ‘Doctoral’ and can work with deadlines as short as three hours. All in all, the range of services offered is high, but when we start to look deeper, it’s easy to see that Ultius’ offerings are severely lacking in quality and depth.

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Prices and Discounts

The prices for Ultius’ services are some of the worst in the entire custom essay writing industry. Countless users have complained about the high prices and extortionate rates this company charges, and many students have simply turned away from Ultius due to its shocking rates.
Let’s say you want a simple essay, delivered the following day at the most basic ‘High School’ level: you’ll have to pay $31 per page. That price goes up even further if you want a better quality of writer and shorter deadlines, meaning that a single college essay or paper with Ultius can end up costing hundreds of dollars.
The business writing products like resumes and cover letters are even worse, with prices of up to $170 per page. The prices are easily one of the worst aspects of Ultius overall, and they’re made even worse by the fact that this company almost never offers any kind of discounts or promotions.

Customer Service

We wish we had a lot to say about the customer service of Ultius, but it’s almost non-existent. For a company that pretends to be so professional and caring of its customers, it’s shocking that Ultius has no real customer support to speak of. One would expect a 24/7 chat system or helpline, but it’s very difficult to get in touch with anyone at all and you’ll usually have to just leave a message and hope someone eventually responds.

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Quality of ordered essays

We ordered an essay from Ultius to test out the quality of the writing standards with this custom essay writing site. The prices are high and the customer service is abysmal, but maybe the papers themselves are decent? Unfortunately, no. We asked for a college essay paper on a relatively simple subject, requesting a 5-day deadline and the Master level of writing quality.
We were very disappointed with the result. The paper wasn’t impressive at all. It lacked references and citations, the writer seemed to struggle to understand what had been asked of them, and the papers even have some grammatical errors too. And with such bad customer service, we couldn’t speak with the writer afterward and get a better paper.


Clearly, our overall opinion of is a very negative one. This company has put some time and effort into creating a nice-looking site, but that’s as far as the effort really goes. There’s a complete lack of customer support, a real absence of quality in the papers produced, and the pricing structure is shocking, to say the least.