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PayForEssay Review

These days people are quite hyped about the new academic writing companies and PayforEssay is one of them. Some people are calling the service the best in the market while some are claiming it to be a scam. So, what is the truth and should you actually pay PayforEssay your hard-earned money?
So, without any further delay, let’s jump in and let us guide you towards the truth!

Payforessay Services Provided review

Just like any other academic writing companies, PayforEssay has a ton of services for you guys. You can get almost every kind of writing from them. So, services and the range of services provided to the students is not an issue here. In fact, we were quite loving them for being a “Jack of All Trades!”
There are some other features that should make you intimidated. We are talking about Free Plagiarism Checks, great modern looking UI for the website, and a bunch of other lucrative options.
So, those were the great parts of the company, now let’s talk about the bad things that we have noticed. If you are looking for a more competent writer, you will have to pay 30% extra. Each and every additional feature will cost you money. So, it seems like a company who would offer you premium service if you have the “huge budget” to keep up.

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Prices and Discounts

This is where thing goes downhill! We were quite happy seeing a big banner saying that one can get a college-level essay for only $14.46 per page. So, we thought it was a fare company asking a legit rate (Still pricier than a lot of A-grade companies).
However, when we used the pricing calculator, to order an essay on the Engineering and Construction category for college level, the per-page cost hiked up to $51.62. Such a high price hike was only because we chose a tough 3-hour deadline, a high priority status, and chose the are of the subject to be Engineering. If you choose to go for a top writer, the price would go up to $64.11!
It is definitely one of the expensive academic writing services out there.
Now let’s talk about discounts. Instead of offering you are discounted price, they have a virtual bonus balance system. It means that you can use the 10% discount that they are so proud of, only on their platform. You will never get an actual discount!

Customer Service

PayforEssay has one of the most professional team for customer service we have seen so far. Their team is both professional and sophisticated rather than being too salesy pushing product purchases. You can contact them via a direct phone call or a live chat.

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Quality of ordered essays

Rather than blaming a top service without a basis for overpricing, we decided to take their service first hand and see if they are worthy of your money and time. We ordered a 5-page essay on Supply Chain Management within a short 3-hour time period. As we went for the Top-writer option, the total cost was $280.59.
We got the essay within the deadline. However, we didn’t think that the writing quality is worth $280 margin. The essay was quite okay, we are not saying that it was terrible. But you can easily get this service around $100 margin if you order from other quality brands.
Moreover, there are a bunch other additional services, if we went for the most premium service from them, the overall cost would have hiked to $521.90. Yes, a 5-page essay could cost more than $500!


Our view is that – PayforEssay is a great company offering you decent enough essays and papers but the pricing is too much. In fact, they are one of the costliest services out there. We would suggest you look for someplace else who can offer you the same quality at a much-reduced cost.