PaperNow Review

Knowing that writers have your back when you are pressed with time is important, but only if the very same company can deliver quality products when you order. PaperNow has plenty of options in terms of deadlines, rates, and papers, but the main question still remains: are they good enough for you?
Judged by how poorly they’ve performed on the web and in the words of their customers, we’d say no. However, no one can know the real story about a writing service unless they dig a little deeper. That’s what we did – we checked how works for clients and whether you should pick them or someone else. Read on.

Papernow Services Provided review

At Papernow, you aren’t just offered help at any time, but also for anything when it comes to your studies. We’ve found that their list is very appealing to the visitors because it offers everything, including full papers and parts of them. For example, you can order one full dissertation or a chapter for your dissertation, edit the papers you’ve written, or send them for proofreading.
Since this list also has resume writing in it, which is a completely different area of expertise, this means that either has a huge team on board and ready to tackle it all, or they were a bit too enthusiastic with their service lists. Let’s see.


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Papernow Prices and Discounts

A bit less than $12 for a page is not a lot. In fact, it is not even an average price you can find on this market, which makes it that much more appealing. But, in our case and in our experience, this is a clear sign that something is off. No reliable and professional service can afford to offer these types of rates.
Discounts aren’t’ available to all. At our big surprise, they aren’t available to those who are most loyal – just the new customers. This should be such an issue because the rates are small, to begin with, but we must admit, it seems rather unprofessional.
If you want to get the code that will give you 15% off the first order, you need to contact the company and provide them with an email address where they will send it. This takes a while, which is even more confusing since it is an offer given to all new customers. Why wouldn’t they share it on the website, then?

Paper Now Customer Service

Unlike the slow response, we received when we were waiting for that code on our e-mail, the customer support on the actual website is much faster. But, we did get the impression that it is a bot instead of a real agent because some of the answers were completely unrelated to what we were asking. This prompted us to reach them via phone, where, unfortunately, no one answered.
So, even though there is a customer service per se, it isn’t really functional or, in this case, existent. If you need them, you better send an email and wait for a real agent to respond. It will take much longer than with any other company, but at least you’ll get a real answer.


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Quality of ordered essays

This step also went bad. In fact, it went very bad. The ordered essay that we got was of a quality that wouldn’t even fit the rate with the discount, not to mention that returning customers have to pay the full price. It was unchecked for plagiarism, full of ridiculous errors, and not at all fitting when you take our detailed instructions into consideration.


Poor quality is unforgivable when you order from online services. But, when you combine this with poor customer service and unfair discounts, it becomes clear that PaperNow is far from an ideal choice for you when you need help with your papers.