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As soon as we saw the website of OxbridgeEssays, we loved it. It’s clean and it seems professional. Plus, the service promises to connect you with your writer. That’s not something you get from all writing agencies, so we were impressed. But then we looked at the prices. And we weren’t impressed. It’s a very expensive service, and you can’t order an essay shorter than 1000 words.
But we decided to test Oxbridge Essays, anyway. Read on; this one gets interesting.

Services Provided review

There are not many types of papers you can order here. Still, the basic needs of students at different academic levels are being covered. These are the main services on the website:

  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Presentation
  • Research proposal, dissertation chapter or full dissertation
  • Personal statement
  • Proofreading and editing

Additional services for broader academic needs are also being provided. But, you’ll have to contact an agent to find out if the team is able to provide the content for you. We did that. We asked if the team could deliver a case study on a particular topic. The agent said they’d get back to us, but we waited for two days and we didn’t get an answer.
So we gave up on the case study and ordered an essay instead.

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Prices and Discounts

There are five quality levels at the website: Undergraduate, Masters, LLB, LLM, and PhD. LLB stands for Bachelor of Laws, and LLM is Master of Laws. So that’s basically Undergraduate and Master’s level, but for the law. It’s a British service, so you can expect things to get unnecessarily complicated.
Anyway, this is the most affordable and most expensive quote for an essay of 1000 words (that’s the minimum you can order):

  • From £100 to £135 for Undergraduate level and the desired grade of 2:2 (50-50%)
  • From £265 to £370 for Master’s level with Distinction (70%+) as a desired grade

The price calculator doesn’t work when you want to see the quotes for Ph.D. level. Maybe the quote is so crazy that it refuses to show it. These prices are outrageous. It’s too much for a single essay, especially if you just want a passing grade.
In the order form, you can see the prices for Ph.D. content, too. They go up to £510 for 1000 words of a dissertation chapter. Yes; we know that a Ph.D. writer deserves to be paid well. Still, this is too much.

Customer Service

The customer service department works well. They are available during working hours, but we couldn’t contact them on weekends. That being mentioned, you should know that the writers also don’t work weekends. So if you want to order an essay on Saturday and you need it for Monday, that won’t be possible.
The representatives are also available via phone, email, WeChat, and WhatsApp. That’s pretty cool.

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Quality of ordered essays

Before we ordered the actual paper, we were interested in the qualifications of the writers. We checked out the Become a Writer section at the website. They mention that although most of the writers are Oxford or Cambridge graduates, they also consider strong applicants from other leading British universities.
So you can hope for a British writer here, but you can’t be sure they will hold an MA or Ph.D. degree. Such a factor is not being mentioned.
We ordered an essay with a topic from Public Finances. It was really expensive, so it was only natural for us to expect brilliant work. The paper was good. It was overly complicated and it used unnecessarily advanced phrasing. But they target British students, so that would work in their universities.


Sure, maybe the quality that delivers is good. But for this price? It’s simply not worth it. Plus, you cannot set a short deadline and you don’t know the real price until you access the order form.