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The choice of a name for a writing service that delivers academic papers is strange and rather unique, but that’s not the only surprise we got when we checked out They have a minimal reputation on this very market, which means that they haven’t been playing the field for a long time. Even so, they claim themselves to be experienced experts who provided thousands of students with papers.
This would be possible if the company was popular, but judging by what we saw online, it is definitely not. How did they achieve this, then? This raised the question of whether or not their claims are true. The answers to this can be found below.

Services Provided review

The services list we came across when checking reminded us horribly of many others we have seen. They either copied their full list from companies like, for example,, or we are looking at one of those companies that create multiple websites to trick more customers.
Whichever it is, this is not good news. For those who haven’t read our reviews on Academized and the rest of the companies that share the exact same list of services, offers a myriad of papers for students. These papers come in one of their many categories that include academic paper writing, rewriting, proofreading, editing, copywriting, dissertation writing services, etc. Sounds familiar? To us, it most certainly does. Naturally, our next goal was to see if the rest is the same.

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Prices and Discounts

Interestingly, even the prices are the same as those at This would confirm that you’re looking at the same provider, just another website, which is very concerning. Seeing how both lack popularity, it is safe to say that the orders are handled by the same writing team.
The minimal rate is $12.99 for academic paper writing and a two-week deadline. This is quite a cheap rate, especially after you add their discount of 15%. Once again, we are looking at the same offer – 15% for new customers and a maximum of 15% for their returning customers. After seeing this, there’s no doubt that this is the same provider.

Customer Service

Unlike the disappointment we got from the rest of the offers and claims made by, their customer support had their pros, too. The live chat doesn’t come recommended since, after talking to ‘an agent’, we were certain that it is bots that handle that method of communication. But, if you reach them by phone, you will get a chance to talk to one of the actual agents.
However, don’t expect much from these agents. They are polite and all, but their language skills are very poor. Like many customers say about this service, they seem to hire non-natives to reduce on the costs. That’s probably why they are able to offer those rates, but we were very hopeful that their writers are native.

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Quality of ordered essays

Thinking that the team of writers is really filled with only native and fluent speakers were wrong, and our essay was a big proof of this. It was so bad, we had to send it back for revisions – twice. After the second time, our free revision period passed, so we couldn’t ask for more changes.
Even though we sent it for a revision because the writer used bad English in the essay, it seems like the company either assigned the very same writer to the revision or one who was equally bad. The paper came back worse than when we sent it, which is why we completely gave up.


Students do look for good prices when checking out paper services, but not at the cost of their grades and paper quality. That’s exactly what happens here – you get a low rate but, in return, you also get low quality. Both in terms of content and customer service.