Essayswriting Review

Essayswriting has a whole section about the company, but at our surprise, no information about the actual service whatsoever. Except for some vague promises and general descriptions, this page shares no details about the location and establishment of Essayswriting. Thankfully, there are comments to be found outside of this website and they only date back a few years. That being said, this isn’t a long-established service.

Essayswriting Services Provided review

All the services provided fall into one of nine Essayswriting categories: academic writing, dissertation, homework help, questions and problems, admissions, business writing, individual writing, editing/proofreading, and typing. These categories have all papers you can think of in them. For example, the academic writing category has essays, articles, research papers, etc. The dissertation category contains dissertations and separate chapters, while the homework category has homework options for various subjects.
The more surprising lists are the admissions list and the individual writing list. The admissions list does not just have an admission essay that would get you enrolled in a school, but some job-related admission content, too, such as resumes and cover letters. Finally, the individual writing category contains speeches and synopsis.

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Essay Swriting Prices and Discounts

For a service that is so unpopular and basically, poorly known among its target audience, it came as a surprise to us that they are so cheap. Rates that start below the lowest threshold for such companies, ten dollars, should attract a huge audience. However, has remained somewhat unpopular since their establishment.
Discounts do exist, but how they work is a bit unclear if you only read the website description. Their loyalty program says that there’s a 10% discount for every new customer, after which they collect bonuses and add them to their credit balance store for future use.
Even so, the discounts came much unexpected because of the rates that were very low to start with.

Customer Service

Essayswriting has an always available live service on the phone and the chat on the website. But, it didn’t prove to be very responsive or professional because, in our opinion, it is most likely led by a bot. The answers came immediately, leaving no chance for an actual agent to respond so fast, and some of the things they answered didn’t really fit the questions we asked.

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Quality of ordered essays

This part of our review showed us why this company still has a low reputation despite the low rates. Their quality is unmistakably bad. Written by what seems to be a writer with poor English writing skills, the research paper this service delivered was beyond average quality. Such quality isn’t even fitting for the lowest rate on the market, which is something this company proudly claims as their strongest feature.
In details, the research paper was barely comprehensive, and some parts of it were clearly stolen from a website that immediately popped in our plagiarism checker. The writer didn’t even bother to find other sources but decided to copy and tweak the text from an online source, as well as the same bibliography.
The funny part was, some of the items found in our paper’s bibliography weren’t even used in the paper he delivered, but were only present in the content he stole online.
Because of all that, we reached the support asking for an immediate revision or a full refund. After a long time waiting for an actual agent to respond, we got ourselves a delayed revision two days later. This revision improved the quality only slightly, and the paper remained mostly plagiarized and poorly written.


In conclusion, has very attractive prices and at our surprise, even discounts. But, they still aren’t anywhere near the top of the list of good companies because of the poor paper quality and the unmistakably bad support service.