EssayHave Review

EssayHave is very proud of their accomplishments, or at least that’s what the company says. Their testimonials are all perfect, but only if you don’t dare to look further than the website. Our experience tells us not to trust website testimonials posted on the site of a provider, which is why we search for customer feedback outside it, too.
Here comes the first disappointment – actually has a terrible reputation among its customers. Instead of having returned, happy customers, as they say, there are hundreds of comments from people who weren’t happy with the very first paper they ordered. Because of this, we dug a little deeper and found out the truth about Essayhave.

Essayhave Services Provided review

Essayhave is a versatile company in terms of services provided. They seem to have a large team on board since the length of the services list demands more than a couple of experts. But, seeing how unpopular they are among customers, we don’t believe that they have that many clients waiting to have their papers written.
Even so, this is a satisfactory list, one that includes all those papers you might be asked to write regularly, as well as those you’d be asked to write rarely. They also have dissertations, which are considered the most complex papers of them all, as well as case studies, theses, and research papers.

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EssayHave Prices and Discounts

10 dollars is a ridiculous rate for papers, but there it is – on Essayhave website. This is the lowest price you can pay without the discount added. Their discounts make this even more unexpected and, in our experience, very concerning. Low rates like these ones are often a very clear sign that there’s something wrong with the paper quality. Who can afford to hire great writers and earn this little?
At this very moment, we didn’t come across new customers’ discounts, so don’t expect one after your first order. You can get a lifelong offer of 5% after you spend $500. Their maximum is 15% off for those who spend a minimum of $2000 on their website.
These discounts are a bit strange, but considering how low those rates are, it is more strange that they even have them.

Essay Have Customer Service

Live chat and phone number are the two most popular contact options among customers since most of them want to talk to agents as soon as possible. This is fully functional here, though in our case, the agents weren’t of any assistance. We’ve discussed our bad experience with them and, instead of offering a refund and an apology, they offered a free revision. Seeing how the paper actually came late, this was a ridiculous offer.

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Essayhave Quality of papers

A delayed paper is pretty much the same as no paper at all, so we don’t see how a revision could fix things. Still, that’s what they offered us – a revision for a paper that was late almost an entire day and was written poorly.
The deadline is not a problem for us, but it would definitely be one for those who actually need the paper at that set time. It goes by default that a service should refund a student if they miss their deadline for paper submittal. Apparently, this is not something EssayHave does.
They say that they have these great refund guarantees, but if they don’t return the money in cases where both the deadline and the instructions are missed, what does their guarantee stand for?


After our short but rather unpleasant experience with the company named, we concluded that this service’s reputation tells the real situation. This is one of the companies that use tricks in the form of low rates to attract more and more customers. Those who haven’t checked the reputation can easily be tricked, especially when they see the attractive offers on this company’s site.