BoomEssays Review

Next on our review list was the service. The company looks really promising and yet, they fail behind the competition when it comes to quality. When we read their service list and learned their prices, we kept wondering why the comments about Boomessays are mostly on a negative note. Now that we have gone through their service list, prices, discounts, and quality in detail, we can tell you the truth about Boomessays company.

Boomessays Services Provided review

This part of our Boomessays review went well. In fact, the service categories as well as the full list really reminded us of some other companies we have reviewed. If you have checked at least a dozen sites like this one, you’ll surely notice that the list is the same at many.
Does this mean that it’s the same service behind all websites or that the creators of the sites didn’t bother to make their own list, we don’t know. What we know is that the list here is really full, which is a good start. The problem is, in most cases with lists this long and reputation this low, the quality is what most suffers.


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Boomessays Prices and Discounts

The prices aren’t all that bad, either. At this point, we really couldn’t understand what the company does wrong to push away so many customers. $12.99 for a page of an essay isn’t a bad price at all and this is what they ask you to pay if you order two weeks before your deadline.
Of course, if you’re a higher level than a high school student, the prices go higher. When we checked this, we understood why many spoke that the service is high-priced. Only high school students enjoy the really low quotes. If you are a college senior, for example, the lowest you can pay is $18.99 for a page, and that is if you order two weeks ahead.
Discounts make things better. If you haven’t ordered before, they’ll give you 15% off the order you make. If you have, you’re already a part of a loyalty program and are therefore eligible for 5 to 15% discount on all your orders.

Customer Service

We only spoke to the support after receiving the paper. Before that, we didn’t need them because the website looked really promising and was informational.
However, this is where things started going downhill, and seriously so.
We’ll discuss the paper shortly, but it suffices to say that it wasn’t good. We spoke to an agent sharing our concern about the amount of plagiarism the paper contained. The agent not only did not help us or provide us with the guarantees they promote, but he stopped responding on the live chat completely.
We ended up without a good paper and without our money. Thankfully, the discount made the loss smaller, but now we know why many students don’t return for more.


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Quality of ordered essays

The quality wasn’t good, that’s established. However, the most concerning part was the plagiarism. We used a scanner to see if there is copied content anywhere. The results shocked us. An essay of five pages had over 40% plagiarism in it. This means that almost half the paper was simply copied and pasted. In fact, the writer didn’t bother to find more sources to copy, but only used one website which we found easily.
We pointed this out to the agent, but as we said – no answer. We also spoke about the fact that the writer sent us what seemed to be the first draft. Even though they say their papers are without mistakes, this one did not seem edited or proofread at all.

Conclusion has a bad reputation for a couple of reasons. When we researched them, we found some fine features like a long service list and good discounts. But, the service lacks a lot in quality and the guarantees are really fake. Plus, they aren’t that affordable after all. Rating

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