Saying that you offer the best pricing online is a big promise to fulfill. That’s the very first thing that meets the eye when you open a website named Academized. This particular content writing service specializes in many different types of papers and provides a variety of writing, editing and proofreading services.
But, that’s far from enough to convince a reader to purchase from the service. Seeing how many companies like this one we’ve reviewed at this point, it is safe to say that this is not the cheapest one. Now the important question arises as a result of this discovery – are they truthful about the rest of their promises?

Academized Services Provided review

Different paper types are separated into several categories. These categories are as follows: academic paper writing, rewriting, proofreading, copywriting, editing, math/physics/statistic/economic problems, dissertation services, admission services, multiple choice questions, and resume services.
As you can notice, this is a very, very big list of services. For a company to write over a dozen types of academic papers, not to mention the remaining service types, they’d have to employ a very big and versatile team of experts. There’s also the fact that there are resume services included in the list, which is rather unusual for a student writing service. This is the strangest thing we found since, obviously, one would need a whole other team that specializes in resumes and cover letters.
That being said, customers can literally find all kinds of writing help from this one place. But, considering how badly the service has performed and is rated on the market, they obviously exaggerated with their services list.

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Academized Prices and Discounts

The prices might not be the lowest per se, but they are quite low. This is one of the most common signs of low quality we come across when we review such companies. Rates of $10 for an entire page of academic content are always a bad sign. And while their starting rate for academic paper writing is currently $12.99, discounts make it possible for ALL to get these silly rates.
This can be very appealing to the target audience, which is why many companies of this kind use such prices to attract customers. There’s also an entire discounts page on the website that lists discounts for everyone. New customers and loyal customers can both reduce those low rates by 15%.

Customer Service

The support service at Academized might just be the only good thing we discovered during this research. However, we urge you to use the phone option if you must contact them because the live chat is obviously not used by real agents. We got instant, automatic responses from what was obviously a bot, and since we couldn’t get fitting answers, we decided to use the phone. Their phone agents are real but don’t expect much fluency from them. They seem to be non-natives and speak poor English, which is very strange for an English writing company.

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Quality of ordered essays

Our essay’s quality was similar to the quality of conversation we had with the agent. It is safe to assume that Academized hires non-natives, but unfortunately, this is what they also do when they hire writers. It’s the biggest mistake a service can make because our essay was poorly written, not to mention horrendously designed.
The quality was below the average threshold. With numerous errors that pointed out that the writer did not even do a simple spell check, as well as a slightly missed deadline (2 hours late), it’s obvious why the rates are that low.

Conclusion is one of those companies that prove how important research is before you order online. Unfortunately, there are many companies online that sell their services for cheap rates to attract the audience, and this is one of them. The low rates can be inviting, but once you see the quality of service and of writing, you’ll probably just pay another company to write your essays.